Gestüt Gut AlemichGestüt Gut Alemich is situated on the top of a wooded hill surrounded by 22 hectares of fenced pastures. The manor house, build in the 16th century is classified as a historical monument. Close to the very active city of Cologne, we found an ideal place to establish our stud farm for Arabian Horses.

At the first TERSK Auction in 1970, the most important purchase was*KILIMANDSCHARO. This stallion had been deliberately selected by the Russians as a kind of equine ambassador, to demonstrate the quality of their stock.

*KILIMANDSCHARO was the beginning of a great passion. We founded our stud and went through many successful years fulfilled with joy, pride and gratitude.


Since over 30 years now, we breed Arabian Horses with the finest bloodlines of the Russian State stud Tersk. Our foundation horses are descended from the famous chief sire at Tersk: ASWAN (Naseer – Josreia), a gift from Egypt to Russia. Our horses have been exported to many countries in Europe as well as to the USA, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, United Arab Emirates and Libya. The highlight of many successful years as one of the leading breeders in Europe was to receive the titleELITE from the German Arab Horse Society VZAP for our stallionsKILIMANDSCHARO, NEMAN andNARAV IBN ASWAN.